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Synergy Yoga & Pilates
3152 Old Shell Rd.
Mobile, AL 36607

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Are you new to MELT, Yoga, or Pilates, or just looking to increase the depth of your experience?

New students who first enter Synergy as strangers quickly become friends, but even so some folks may not yet be comfortable in a group class setting, or may prefer more individualized attention. If this is the case, individual private MELT, Yoga, or Pilates sessions are another option to consider.

Beginners might want to become more familiar with the poses or movements, while the more experienced student may wish to refine their knowledge. Either way, private sessions give you the opportunity for more personalized attention from the teacher and allow you to accelerate your learning curve.

If you have a friend (or two) and are looking for the personalized attention of Private Lessons but without as high a cost per person, consider for Yoga our Buddy Session (for 2) or Party Session (for 3 to 6). For Pilates and MELT, a Duet (for 2) Session is available.

Private Yoga, MELT, and Private Pilates sessions are also available in both 5 and 10 session packages at discounted rates.

Please check out our Private Session rates :

Private Yoga Sessions
Individual (75 minutes)
Buddy (2 people, 75 minutes)
$80 (total)
Party (3-6 people, 90 minutes)
$110 (total)
Private MELT & Pilates Sessions
Synergy MELT & Pilates Private Session Fees